About us

to multiply you must be able to divide
Our Vision

Our VISION is to bring the versatile and robust low cost G2 technology to the market and thereby to take away the financial barriers to replace fossil fuel-based materials such as Plastics, Coatings and Construction materials with renewable materials produced from G2 Nano Cellulose and G2 Lignin.

Our Strategy

Our STRATEGY is to speed up the implementation of our G2 technology in the market by finding and hooking up with suitable strategic partner(s), capable to exploit the overall G2 technology platform timely (fast) and to the fullest.


To achieve our strategy, our plan is to demonstrate the technical and economic benefits of our G2 technology in a limited number of high quality/high value product applications

From BIOeCON (2005) to CELLiCON (Today)
Our History

• 2005: BIOeCON Founded with vision to convert waste biomass into fuels & chemicals via low cost non-enzymatic catalysis.

• 2006: First inventions in the area of bio-catalytic cracking via mechano-chemistry and in 2007-2008 on selective solvent (ZnCl2) for biomass dissolution and conversion (G1 technology).

• Two separate ventures: KiOR (2007) and JDA with Petrobras BiCHEM (2009).

• Both ventures discontinued for operational/political reasons.

• BIOeCON retains IP on ZnCl2 technology.

• 2015: BIOeCON new focus on “BIOeMAT” based on G2 technology.

• 2017: CELLiCON formed focus on bio-based materials.

• 2018: CELLiCON licenses BIOeCON’s G2 technology

• 2019: CELLiCON acquires majority of shares in BIOeCON.

• 2019: CELLiCON files patent on improved and expanded G2 technology.

Our team
CEO, Director
Ton Runneboom
  • Seasoned global business leader and chemical industrialist with senior Executive Roles in Dow Chemical (USA), AKZONOBEL (Europe) and Teijin Ltd (Japan).
  • Chairman of the advisory platform to the Dutch government to formulate and progress the Bio-Based-Economy objectives
  • Program director of Masters in Alternative Energy at University of Delft.
  • Founding shareholder and supervisory positions in several companies and start-ups.
COO, Director
Arno van de Ven
  • Senior executive, international experience in managing the strategy and performance of global businesses in specialty chemicals (bio-chem & -medical).
  • Specialty: transforming new technologies into unique value and business propositions. Built a portfolio >$1 billion of new and adjacent businesses, including JV’s and acquisitions.
  • Key player in development & commercialization of new products at Philips, DSM, Lubrizol, Purac/Corbion and StoraEnso (senior VP innovation bio-materials).
  • Responsible for PLA technology development and Commercialization at Purac/Corbion.
R&D Director, Director
Hans Heinerman
  • PhD chemist with a background in chemistry, physics, catalysis and biochemicals & -oils.
  • Director and executive roles in R&D and business development at AkzoNobel, Albemarle, BIOeCON, KiOR and BiCHEM.
  • Numerous publications and patents in the area of crystallography, catalysis and biomass conversion.
  • Managing director at BiCHEM where the ZnCl2 technology was scaled up .
  • Co-inventor of the ZnCl2 technology, including recent developments to produce nanocellulose and lignin.
Chairman Board of Directors, Director
Paul O'Connor
  • Innovator & entrepreneur in the Renewables, CO2 reduction and Bio-fuels and Bio-materials space.
  • Executive roles in R&D, technology and business development at Shell, AkzoNobel, and Albemarle.
  • Science & Technology advisor at Climeworks AG.
  • Inventor of a significant number of patents in the area of catalysis, biomass conversion, CO2 reduction and the synthesis and application of advanced materials.
  • Co-inventor of the ZnCl2 based G1 and G2 technology, including recent developments to produce nanocellulose and lignin.
  • Founding partner of several green-tech companies: BIOeCON, KiOR, BiCHEM, ANTECY, CELLiCON.