Welcome to CELLiCON

CELLiCON has been incorporated in The Netherlands in 2018.

CELLiCON has obtained access to all patents and Know-How of BIOeCON with the right to utilize , license and sublicense these technologies.

CELLiCON believes that BIOeCON’s G-2 technology is a significant enabling technology to successfully manufacture Micro-cellulose and Lignin products.

CELLiCON’s Team:

Paul O’Connor , Chairman , paul.oconnor@me.com

Ton Runneboom , CEO , ton@runneboom.eu

Arno van de Ven , COO/Commercial director, arno.vdven@outlook.com

Hans Heinerman , R&D director , hans_heinerman@hotmail.com

Igor Babich, Technology Development Manager, igor.v.babich@gmail.com

Akihiko Kumaoka, Japan Representative ,aki.kumaoka@cellicon.nl